I’m reading an really convicting book right now. “The Rest of God” by Mark Buchanan. You should read it too. I feel like I say this a lot…but if we truly grasped the meanings of the Word of God and practiced them the way Jesus taught us to, the world would be a very different place.

This book challenges Christians to stop being “busy,” and to truly “Sabbath.” This is a difficult concept. In the US, it is all about being busy. Because someone decided that busy = productivity. I am so so guilty of this. Eric and I have struggled through the idea of reinstating the Sabbath (a 24-hour period of rest, i.e. no homework) this past semester and I gotta tell ya, it really wasn’t all that restful. It’s really hard to decide not to do homework even though several assignments are due Monday and exams are coming. I also don’t really know what it means to rest. My idea of rest is watching tv and movies all day. ummmm.

I’m learning a lot right now about having a restful heart and spirit. This is supposed to be a lasting attitude…not just once a week. The chapter I just read was about purposefulness versus drivenness. He described the life of Jesus and really hit on something that has been bugging me about myself: when I am on my way somewhere, I get really irritated by interruptions. Like my chest tightens. Jesus’ ministry was FILLED with interruptions. He didn’t “waste” time but he also didn’t live by a schedule. He had a purpose: save the world. And the people He loved, taught, and served on the way were apart of that. He stopped for everyone. The journey was specific and yet it wasn’t.

I loved this quote in the book by Henri Nouwen:

“My whole life I have been complaining that my work was constantly interrupted until I discovered the interruptions were my work.”

As I have started thinking about what Eric’s and my life will be like next semester I keep thinking “I don’t want to be busy” while simultaneously knowing I can’t really slim down my schedule any more than it is. Life isn’t about making it to the next weekend so I can “do what I want.” Each week I will get to spend time with the people in my small group, spend time with husband (28 days, btw), serve at Hope, and whatever else comes along. And each of those things gives me an opportunity to grow closer to and become more like Jesus. Time isn’t being stolen from me. Time is a gift that I have a chance to give to other people.

Last thing. Mark Buchanan talks about the passage in Scripture where Jesus says “I came to you hungry and you fed me…” and the people ask “when??” The response Mark gives kind of stopped my heart:

“When He wore the disguise of an interruption.”

I’ve spent so much time wishing the people in my life knew me better I failed to realize I was the one preventing it. Life is more than a string of accomplishments and completed to-do lists. I’m tired of separating myself from people and getting nervous about interruptions in my schedule. I want to be at rest in every moment so I can be in touch with the Spirit and use it to His glory.

This song gives me chills…live in light of eternity.