I’ve been married for 3 weeks now. It still throws me off sometimes but simultaneously, I’ve taken to having a husband quite well. It’s been a chaotic few weeks with lots and lots of traveling. First we were able, by the gracious gift of Eric’s aunt/uncle, to spend a great 5 days down in Florida at a Disney World resort. Neither of us have ever vacationed this high class and we felt overwhelmingly blessed to get to spend that time together after the insanity of planning and day-of was over.

We spent two days at the parks…hitting up Epcot (for the food!) and Animal Kingdom…

Eric is inventive when it comes to taking pictures…who knew a timer could be so useful! (Maybe you’re thinking, “well, duhh!” but I had no idea. I’m not the photo-genius of the family).

There were some that we got to guess whether or not the other one was smiling. For the many reasons I married this man, his ability to make me laugh (and forget I’m in public) is wayyy up there. (This is us waiting in line to go on a safari…it was really hard to remember that we were in Florida…not Africa)

I married such a stud.

After our honeymoon and a reception with the Wobbema side, we had a couple days at home before we were off to Fargo to celebrate the wedding of one of my best friends (Mr. and now Mrs. Stoe!) I was given the opportunity to be a personal attendant and got to stay close to Julie throughout the day which was SUCH a blessing! The day was perfect. It’s going to be so much fun spending our first year of marriage together. The way God uses our friends to display His love and remind us of His presence is so so good.

Life returns to “normal” this week. The first week of August held many things for me…I started my new job at Hope Community Church with Leadership Development Institute (LDI) and went on a retreat with the staff to get to know each other and get a glimpse of what God has in store for the next 10 months. It was such a great time. The Lord works in amazing ways and has brought each of us to this point from so many different directions. I really cannot believe how lucky I am to get this opportunity to learn about and serve Jesus as my “job.” Part of me keeps forgetting that I also have to take some classes at the U and apply for graduate school for next fall.

Early Friday morning Eric and I got to head to the North Shore with my sister Taryn and her boyfriend, Ben. We had a blast cliff jumping and camping for the day. I won’t pretend that I now want to move into the woods for the rest of my life but dang. That was really fun. And who knew sleeping outside could be comfortable? Whoever invented sleeping pads that don’t leak and tents that are actually water-resistant deserves a high-five. It was so great to spend time with my sister too. Not being able to see her every night and every morning has been difficult.

Please excuse this quick update on life. I’m excited to get into more what the Lord is teaching me as Eric and I walk this new way of life together. I almost have all the big name change things done…just gotta pass a written driver’s test to get my Minnesota license (weird). Whose excited??