Eric and I have been having a lot of fun as of late. And by fun I mean we’ve been playing. Like little kids. Amidst our life of waking up early to go running (which I’m actually enjoying even if my head rebels a bit), Eric starting a new job, planning out our schedules for this semester, and things picking up at Hope we have actually played a lot. This “play” is not entirely purposeful besides enjoyment of one another. If you know Eric, you know that is not typical. Often times, even the silliest things he says and does are well thought through and done for a reason.

Like I said in a previous post (Nelson-hood), we got to go cliff jumping with Taryn and Ben at the beginning of August. It was so great to just pack up and leave the a day and a half to spend time with friends.

Last weekend we were able to house-sit for Eric’s sister and her husband. Sunday afternoon I was outside processing through some things from the Mark study I did the previous week and when I came back inside I heard odd noises coming from the basement. There’s Eric playing Super Mario World on the Wii. And he even let me play too. I don’t usually enjoy video games because I’m so inherently awful at them but this was so much fun! [Despite the fact that I died literally hundreds of times].

Yesterday, we were able to drive out to Pine City to spend time with Eric’s dad. After getting a brief tour of the house and a shooting 101 with a bb rifle, we drove out to an area that’s been designated for shooting practice. I learned how to handle a glock pistol and a rifle. This was, obviously, play with purpose but was also a ton of fun…and it was great to see a little competition between Eric and his dad=)

As fall semester looms over us (last 7 credits until graduation!) we already feel a little weary. It’s hard to look at all the full nights and not want to just crawl into bed. But what struck me as I thought about all the fun we’ve been having is that we are learning the value of play. I’ve been a lazy person for most of my life. The Lord is calling me out of that in full force and what I’m seeing is that play in the life of lazy me does not stand out. But play throughout a life that is purposefully pursuing the calling of Christ to die to myself everyday so I can serve and love the people around me is vivid in my memory. I want to remember this time of our marriage, in detail, so one day we can look back and be able to point to specific events and days that drew us closer to God.

I feel so immature in this area because I’ve spent a lot of time sitting and tuning out life rather than doing. Do you know how to play? Tell me something you do just for the fun of it. If you don’t, I would encourage you to think about it. What can ‘play’ teach us about God? How can we use every moment, whether at work or play, to glorify God?

I really wish I’d remembered my camera so I could now show you a picture of Eric blasting cardboard boxes with a rifle. I have a very attractive husband.

p.s. I passed the Minnesota driver’s knowledge test this last week…just waiting for my new Minnesota license to arrive in the mail!