The past few weeks have been, well, glorious. I’m thankful for the times God has gotten Eric and I through difficult mini-times and how he continues to sustain us in longer lasting hardships.

September was a mega-busy month for LDI and October shows no sign of slowing down. I’m learning to be grateful for lots of work to do. It keeps me running. I deeply hope it will not take a schedule like this to remind me how badly I need Jesus in the everyday but this season is full of blessing in the way it points me to him for my rest. I think Eric and I have done a pretty stellar job at keeping life fun. Eric was just saying how each week it feels miraculous that we have made it through and I think we celebrate that really well. =)

Two weeks ago, date night equaled fight night at Buffalo Wild Wings. It happened to coincide with a Gopher game and so the place was packed but we got a good table and didn’t wait for too long. It was a ton of fun to watch Eric get into it and tell me about the different strategies and moves. Before we ate, we went to HomeGoods to use a gift card we received for our wedding. We bought a couple ceramic serving bowls…I’m pretty excited to have a reason to use them sometime soon!

I get super excited about their candle section; Eric thinks I'm weird.

Last week we had the joy of going to the Remedy Fall Retreat at Iron Springs Christian Camp. It was awesome. And absolutely beautiful. My new header image is from that camp…a stream with a bridge in the distance and trees leaning over the water with fall colors everywhere. That’s how I picture fall. Here in the city, I purposely drive down the residential streets that have a lot of trees so I can feel like I’m in a movie where the brightly colored leaves are falling all around me in my car. Love.

At the retreat camp, they had a little mini-farm and Eric made a couple new friends.

Yes, that's a Llama.

Cute baby bunnies!

 And we got to spend time with awesome people!

Tomorrow we get to go on a date to a vineyard where we will learn how to swing dance and hear jazz music! I’m really excited =)

I keep hearing women in all different stages of life answer the “how are you doing?” question with “Livin’ the dream.” I feel like I can honestly say that. Life is unexpected at times and I wish there were fewer things to keep me from seeing Eric but the life we are living is truly blessed.

So. How has life been these past few weeks??

We’re living the dream.