Jesus is the best friend we will ever have.

In John 15, Jesus talks about calling us his friends because we know him. I have trouble expecting my friends on earth to be as perfect as Jesus and no matter how amazing they are, they will never measure up to that. We cannot replace Jesus. We are all sinful and will fail each other at some point. Jesus won’t. So, we must look to Jesus when we feel we are being abandoned/misunderstood/hurt. He is a great friend. He speaks truth and comforts and he is the only one that knows us completely.

Not only do I need to learn how to see Jesus as my Friend, but I need to learn how to be a friend like Jesus to those around me. No matter how little he received in return, he never stopped giving. He gave himself so I wouldn’t have to pay for what I’ve done.

I think the best thing we can do for our friends is point them to Jesus, because we will never be the perfect friend they need no matter how hard we try.

I get to go spend some time with some women who are truly becoming my friends before heading to North Dakota to celebrate the career of my dad and watch my older brother and his wife stand up and commit to stewarding well the daughter they have been given. Oh, the blessings of family.