Well, it has been a while hasn’t it? This past month has been very stretching and I’m still not quite ready to write about it yet. The wreckage has been severe.

Tomorrow is the final day of Roman’s retreat at Hope (45 hours of studying the first 8 chapters of Romans) and it has been a very revealing study. The last subject I posted about has continued to flesh itself out throughout the Christmas break and I am so deeply thankful to my Creator for bringing me through a stronger woman of faith…and I am deeply humbled by how far I still have to go. Faith is a tricky thing. As soon as I think I have arrived at some new spiritual height, I come to realize I have been putting my confidence in the wrong thing and I feel shaken at my core.

I am looking forward to exploring how to daily put my confidence in God and am thankful the Gospel message has been on repeat throughout the past couple of weeks. We truly need that everyday. And what helps is having amazing people around to experience its all-changing power together. I have had some wonderful conversations with a new(er) friend this week and the way she has spoken truth into my life…well it brings great joy to my heart.

Wisdom from break (that I have time to share right now): “Break” should never mean we remove ourselves from community for any duration of time. It might look different, but it must still be present.

Interesting side note: I learned today that my xanga site still exists. I read one post and while much has changed since I was 15, at least one thing has remained the same–I’ve always thought I’m funnier (and wittier) than I really am. Yup, that sounds about right.

I really hope Jesus is wrecking your soul…I think it might be a resolution to pray that for myself every day. Scary thought what God could do with an invitation like that. (Praying “teach me to trust you” got me into enough trouble in 2011)