Eric and I got to go running together today. We haven’t done that since before the Fall semester started–just didn’t fit into our schedules. But today instead of braving the overcrowded rec center, we ran an old route we used to do quite often last August. Heading out immediately brought back memories of waking up at 5am each morning (well, the times we didn’t conveniently fall back to sleep). Of reaching 3, 4, 5 miles without stopping (and that one time we went for 10 and it felt like death…but we finished!) I got to see up close how Jesus has brought us into a deeper relationship with each other. One of the memories that came back this afternoon was how I would spend the entire time we ran fighting against lies in my head–lies that told me I was not good enough to be Eric’s wife. Lies that kept us from feeling like a team as we made it through the run. I used to be afraid to admit to the lies I hear, but the more I tell others of my struggles (and Jesus’ victory), the more I see that we all struggle with these things and sharing those experiences can be one way we help exhort one another in our faith. During today’s run, I was reminded of how helpless I felt against these lies…and how much redemption I continue to experience everyday in this area. It was a very exciting 3 miles…and my legs were killing me. Let me tell you, it was amazing to have physical pain as the only barrier I had to overcome (won’t be every time, so Praise Jesus when it is).

The friend I have in Eric is unlike anything I have ever experienced. I cannot image a better man to spend my life with.


OR…..start a family with!

Meet Appleseed:

Appleseed is the baby that currently resides in my belly and at 12 weeks, is the size of a plum. We decided it’s weird that people refer to their unborn child as “baby” so we picked an in utero name, hence Appleseed.

We could not be more excited!!