Eric and I have been married for 7 months as of last Thursday. That isn’t a very “significant” length of time…but honestly we missed the 6 month mark. I’ve been meaning to write a post about how much I love being married to Eric and now seems like a good time. Especially because of how frequently I found myself reflecting on how blessed I am to be his wife.

When talking about marriage, something I hear and speak of frequently is the sanctifying nature of living so closely with another person. But what is talked about less often is the beauty of being up close and personal with the movement of God in another person’s heart. I am so thankful for this aspect of marriage. Seeing Eric rise to the role God gave him with such strength and certainty is breath-taking. Both of which come only through the working of the Holy Spirit.

In marriage, we can easily see each others’ vulnerabilities. By the power of God, we can speak life into those weaknesses instead of using them for personal gain. I’m thankful for the many times I notice the growth in Eric rather than the areas still needing redemption…just as I love when he sees my growth. We are two sinners living in the same 1 bedroom apartment. Seeing each others’ sin is inevitable. But our response to this intimacy can be either unifying or destructive.

Just as I desire to stand unified with Christ, I choose to be unified with my husband.

And by that choice, I get to celebrate the work of God in our lives. Eric was a pretty amazing guy when we got married. But just as God continues to work in me and strengthen me when I am weak, he continues to work in Eric. And I have first row seats to watch it happen. In fact, I even get to participate.

Eric is a Man. A real Man. My Man. Mmm-mm. That is definitely something worth celebrating–everyday.

I have never met a more observant, caring, Attractive(!), thought-provoking, inspiring person in all my life.

See what I mean? Attractive.