These pictures will likely not happen very often. I tried and tried to take a picture where I didn’t look like I felt awkward then I had the epiphany that I would stop looking awkward when I stopped feeling awkward…and that is not likely to happen when I am taking a picture, by myself, holding my belly. SO!

Week 14. First week of the 2nd trimester. And little Appleseed is making me pop out in even my baggier shirts.

Pretty exciting=)

I’ve been pretty worn out mentally this week. So last night I spent some time google searching fun baby things, which I haven’t really had the time to do at all yet. It’s been a lot of fun daydreaming about what we will do once Appleseed gets here.

I apologize in advance, my little peanut, because you and I will dance and sing together like I do already by myself and with your dad. You’ll want to show your friends all the awesome moves you learn from you super cool mama but I’m afraid they will not understand our style. That’s ok. It will teach you to not care what others think of you. Our dancing is great. I bet Jesus gets a kick out of watching your dad and I on our study breaks. You will definitely be exposed to the raging 80’s pop that we get so excited about. (You can thank Grandpa Greg for the music taste of your dad). The time is flying and we can’t wait to meet you. God will teach you to have a gracious heart with us for parents but we already love you more than I can express. 

The halfway point will be here before we know it!


I had the chance to write for the Hope Women’s blog about one of the many things God is teaching me about myself and life. I’d love it if you went and checked it out!