Eric and I were in California a couple of weeks ago (more on that later…I think). It was an awesome time together where we saw beautiful landscapes and watched the ocean for a very long time. Appleseed cooperated very well with all the walking and I compromised by not following Eric out on to the slippery rock cliffs=) Here’s a couple great pictures of Appleseed and I doing our version of rock climbing:

There, a bump picture that I don’t cringe at sharing=)

We got to see little Appleseed again this past Monday! It was so wonderful to have 40 minutes or so of watching it wiggle and kick around. Everything looks perfect–size matches up just right to my due date and all 10 fingers and toes were present. It was pretty amazing to see the spine and ribs and watch the little heartbeat. The tech looked at blood flow from the heart so we got to see the blue/red (vessels/arteries) surrounding the heart and the chambers and everything. It. was. so. cool.

It’s odd to think that we are already half-way through this pregnancy. God has already taught me so much about what being a Mom entails and I’m itching to spend more time researching and planning…maybe that will really start to happen in May (or June) but until then I do a little here and there.This is especially fun since we now know WE ARE HAVING A BABY GIRL!!!

God has it in his control and our little girl’s birth will in no way be ruined if every detail is not in a row. I want to get joy out of planning–not stress and bitterness. God is so gracious in his abundant provision. And he has most definitely provided me with an amazing husband who is dreaming of daddy-daughter dates and relishing the idea of becoming a big softie for his beautiful daughter. I think I’m beginning to understand why Mary “treasured these things in her heart.” There are just some moments that I want to hold on to forever as reminders of the never-ceasing hand of God working in our lives. It is glorious.