Eric began his first real week of full-time at LPI this morning. This followed a wonderful weekend where we did not think about homework once and instead celebrated the ending of the very long and difficult age of school. We are aware that the coming seasons of life will bring with them their own difficulties (we’re adding a baby to the mix, trust me when I say we are not being naive). But what we have come out of this year (and the 21 years before that) knowing is that God sustains and difficult times bring about growth and a greater appreciation for the times of rest. We have also learned the importance of sitting back and reflecting on the days that go by…especially in the midst of stress and overwhelming to-do lists. There’s so much of my life that I can’t remember clearly. And I am convinced that I missed out on a lot of God because of my lack of reflection. God told the Israelites over and over again to “remember” the things he had done for them–what they had been brought out of, where they were led to, how God had provided for their every need. The purpose of this was to keep them faithful to him and his commands. When we maintain a sense of gratefulness and remember God’s powerful work in our lives we follow him more closely. But life likes to blind us and make us tunnel-vision and become engrossed in ourselves and our problems. Eric and I are learning how to refuse to do that…we deeply desire to walk humbly with our God, in step with the Spirit. Only then can we be trained in righteousness–which is what makes the difficult times so worth it.

These 10 months of marriage+Eric finishing college+LDI+pregnancy have led to many things:

  • Learning to recognize places of pride
  • Learning to be correctable in all circumstances
  • Deeper love for Jesus
  • Understanding/recognizing the importance of obedience
  • Living more open-handed
  • A more significant reliance on prayer
  • Closer/deeper relationships with my sisters
  • Real Gospel friends
  • Identifying where I am able to most passionately serve the Body of Christ
  • Learning how to truly forgive
  • Seeing mistakes as a way of life–we all fail and even on our best day we are not “good enough” to deserve what Jesus did (which saved us from the eternal consequences of every one of our worst days ever)
  • Learning that love is not limited by reciprocation…real love is actively seeking the good of others even when they are not seeking my own good
  • Learning to stop and have fun even when there are final papers and senior design projects and the budget is maxed out and it’s late and we have to get up early
  • Meal planning
  • Getting over a fear of: making phone calls, being at home alone, pregnancy, bugs, requesting a due date extension, leading others, being an adult, sticking to a budget, not having everything I ever dreamed of
  • Seeing/recognizing God’s work in every detail that displays just how much he loves us and wants to take care of his children
  • Sacrificing the lie and clinging tightly to the truth
  • Witnessing that God’s will is accomplished whether or not we participate
  • Seeing and Believing that God is Sovereign and will never cease to be, even when it seems like life is crashing out of control

I could keep going. But instead I will share some pictures from our couple of weeks of enjoying the start of summer and the end of college. Thanks to some awesome people who have working cameras and remember to use them=)