I meant to write a post back at Mother’s Day and here it is already Father’s Day!

Obviously I have actually had more like 22 Father’s Days. But this is our first with Eric being a “Father.” Somehow, while totally forgetting that we could celebrate Eric’s first Father’s Day today, I ended up with a gift for him (thanks for the idea, Allie!), a fun breakfast of popovers before church,and spareribs for a late lunch!

Here’s the gift…I had a baby shower Friday night with the Nelson side and we decorated onesies for Appleseed. There were letters in the University of Minnesota colors (maroon and gold).

To celebrate today we are enjoying our first full weekend in the cities since June began and Eric chose to give himself a haircut (we used to try and have me do it but decided it really was best for both of us if I just looked it over and trimmed up the back a bit). I have full confidence in Eric being a dad because of the way he has lead our family these past 11 months. He is aware of his weaknesses and constantly strives to be filled by God in order to lead faithfully. No one is without sin but the Spirit of God is evident in my amazing husband and I can boast in how he works through Eric to transform him into a godly man.

There are some other really great dads in our lives. It was been so awesome to grow closer to my dad over the last couple of years. The legacy he and my mom have begun brings me to tears often as I consider all the family offshoots that have sprouted from them. Taryn got married a couple of weeks ago and with Ben joining the family, and soon little Appleseed, we will be at 19 immediate family members. God has so incredibly blessed us. My mom and dad are amazing followers of Christ. God has tested my family often and seeing/remembering how my parents have responded continues to strengthen my faith. My dad leads the way in how he cares for my mom, the way he seeks and trusts the will of God, and through his generosity. He has adopted my husband and brother-in-laws (finally he and Jordan have more men around!) and it’s so awesome to see and hear the conversations he and Eric are able to have.

He now likes to wear a beard…first time that I’ve ever seen it as he’s always been under military regulations. I think he is enjoying his new found freedom of a non-governement job.

I’ve also added another dad.

He is getting used to the idea of being a grandpa and he will definitely be a good one! There is so much that he taught Eric growing up that Eric looks forward to passing on to Appleseed (involving refusal to give in/perseverance, discernment, striving for the heavenly and also including weight lifting and boxing). He taught me how to shoot a gun–following all the Nelson rules and getting to know him has helped me to understand and love Eric better. I’m so thankful for this second dad and I look forward to seeing how he takes to being a grandad–I’m pretty positive she is going to capture his attention instantly =)


Happy Father’s Day to the dads in my life. The way you strive to love your family reminds me of the love I experience from my Heavenly Father and it is awesome to see that earthly example. Thank you for leading your families. Keep going.