I’ve sat down to write this blog post so many times. But there was something keeping me from writing it…a form of writer’s block I suppose. One of the standards I have for my blog writing is I wait until God gives me something to write about in order to maintain the vision I have for my writing and don’t resort to random updates about things I don’t even want to read about or forced “inspiration” that leaves me feeling fake. So here I am, back to writing, thankful for the perspective God has given me in reminding me why it’s important for me to write.

First of all, since my final LDI class back at the end of May, my twin sister got married up at Gooseberry Falls. It was perfect. I cried a whole bunch. Unfortunately I have no pictures of the ceremony because my steller loves-taking-photos husband got to play with Taryn’s nicer camera for the weekend in order to capture some of the ceremony. He had a blast and took A LOT of pictures…but Taryn has them all. I do have some pretty great pictures of a little hike we took as a big ol’ Wobbema family to a waterfall. First…nieces!

My brother’s daughter, Emberly

Kendra’s 5 month old daughter, Adrienne.

And 4 year old Hadley who was a real trooper walking with her dad and enjoying all that the woods provided!

And everyone else:

I can’t remember when we last took a “family” vacation so it was pretty awesome to have a couple days before the wedding to hang out and enjoy each others’ company. We hiked, swam, had a bonfire, and ordered a lot of pizza! We celebrated–babies, graduations, and a wedding. It was splendid.

Speaking of weddings, around 14 “facebook friends” have gotten married in the first 3 weeks of June. I love it. So many beautiful pictures and joyful people. I pray God would bless their marriages as he has greatly blessed the first year of ours.

Day-to-day post-LDI is interesting. I knew it would be difficult and it has not disappointed in that area. Going from an environment that constantly had me thinking, learning, and surrounded by community to one that has me spending most of my time by myself and having to enforce the thinking and learning voluntarily throughout the day is a big change. I’m thankful that God continues to keep me in his grasp. It’s been easy to become apathetic while doing dishes, packing, and reading. I’m prescribing more writing for myself so I will likely post about what God is teaching me through this area soon.

Lastly, I leave on Wednesday to attend the Gospel Coalition Women’s Conference in Orlando. My sister Kendra and I are going together and I’m getting really excited. It is purely by God’s provision that I get to go so I’m looking forward to seeing what he has for me there–praying for an open heart and mind ready to learn and think about where God has me at and what my personal ministry can look like in this new season of life.

I hit 31 weeks on Saturday. We are just 2 months away from Appleseed’s due date! Woohoo!

If you are looking for good blog reading with extra free time you might have in the summer, check out the links I’ve placed under “Blogs I Love” — some of them are family and others are just good ones to read and think through. I’m thankful for the beautiful minds of those in my life who God uses to sharpen me…even if it’s mainly through the internet.