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There’s a common phrase, “It takes a village to raise a child.”

Well, our child is only 3.5 weeks old but we have only made it this far because the Lord has graciously given us an amazing village (read: Community). I feel like the theme of this blog could be changed to cover one topic: How God humbled me today and chose to remind me that it’s not about what I bring to the table. (I just wrote another blog post related to that topic over here).

As many know, getting pregnant was not really on our radar when we learned Frey was going to be joining us just a bit after our first anniversary. We owe so much to the people around us, many of which are not “family” in the traditional sense but have become family to us over the past year or so. Neither of us have ever felt so loved and truly cared for. There have been ways in which we have really struggled and each occasion has been met with encouragement, genuine kindness, and huge reminders that God has blessed us in unimaginable ways. Freyda does not yet have any idea how loved she is and as her mom, I am overwhelmed by just how many people have anticipated her arrival alongside her dad and me. The generosity we have experienced literally brings me to tears every time I consider it. The Lord literally supplied our/her every need through our families and our community at Hope. And to draw just a quick comparison…we have been so graciously blessed that we are completely incapable of ever repaying those who have helped us which is a reminder of just how dependent we are on Jesus. He knows our greatest need and went to the cross to provide for us…what are baby clothes, rent money, and a bit of food to him? We praise God for each person who has allowed Him to give through them. Seriously. Thank you. Here are just a few of the people who make up little Frey’s village:

The best part is, to them, they were just doing what came naturally. Which is why I have learned so much about friendship this year.

As a brief second half to this post, I want to give a little family meeting on my intentions for this blog. As I’m getting used to hanging out with Freyda all day, I’m hoping to get back into a weekly habit of blogging — preferably 1 or 2 times per week. We’ll see — pretty sure my husband would appreciate a few other things being reintroduced to our lives as well so it’ll be a bit of a calibration. As far as content, I do intend to keep it to what God is teaching me. Being a new mom is going to play a huge role in that however, I do not intend to do much more than little sentence or two updates or random pictures specific to Frey. I follow blogs that are mostly for the purpose of journaling about kids and I LOVE THEM. Seriously. It’s just not a direction I feel drawn to right now. I would love to write more about the way Eric and I live in the context of exercise and nutrition so maybe a new venture will creep in eventually. For now, I hope to continue to write in a way that you all can relate to as I process through life with Jesus. Ok. Meeting adjourned…

This girl needs some cuddling —