On July 24th, a big event happened for our family. Roughly 1 month before our daughter would join our family, Eric discovered “that thing he can’t not do.” For those struggling with the double negatives, he finally nailed down something that had been bugging him for a long time — the thing that he longs to do and feels he must do. [Thanks Cor for putting the idea that such a thing existed in his head]. This revolutionized our family. We had always had conversations about ambition, expertise, entrepreneurship, and learning but this discovery led to an explosion of ideas and actions.

So Eric got started on his big idea, we had regular brainstorming sessions, we read a few books and there was a shift in our home. As the head of our family, it seems natural that such a huge change in Eric’s life would bring about a huge change in our family. Our culture became more defined and the things we had been talking about actually started to happen. I’m not going to go into detail because that would take a while and I value the time you take to read my blog. But all this to say, I’m changing some things up and I’m really excited about it.

For the past year and a few months I’ve been writing about what God is teaching me. That’s not going to change much but the themes I touch on will. Eric is a do-er. A man of action. And that’s one of the pillars of our family culture. Doing. Not just talking or planning but acting on it. The hard part is, I’m not a natural “do-er.” It takes a lot of motivation and conviction for me to act. [Yes, it causes some anguish between us].

So where did our “culture” evolve from? Well, when we became friends back in August 2010, I had a Starbucks and eating out habit and Eric was wearing shoes you could see his toes through (thanks again, Allie, for helping out with that one). Our first time in the weight room together, my self-conscious pride was showing and Eric wasn’t so good at gentleness. One by one we have had to look at our selfishness, acknowledge our pride and help each other see where we are blind. I’m still pretty prideful and Eric is still working on gentleness but the truth of the Gospel has brought a lot of change to our hearts as well. The Lord must think he’s pretty funny bringing two people together who tend to function on opposite extremes. So we spend a lot of time seeking to understand where He would have us live and give up the notion that we are going to get there by ourselves. As Tim Keller puts it, the harder we try by our own strength to stop doing something bad or start doing something good, the farther away from our goal we will get.

So then how do we get there? The Holy Spirit is present to convict, guide, and strengthen us in our daily lives. When conviction comes (realization of where our lives do not line up with the faith we profess and the Man we seek to imitate) we find out what aligns us to God’s will and obey. Obedience is the doing.

Easier said than done, right? Yup. No one is a bigger failure at responding to conviction than I am. I’ll have an opinion about everything and act on none of it. Make sense? Yea, I didn’t think so either. By the grace of God, I’m learning. We’re learning. And it’s actually a lot of fun because there is freedom in relying on God and refusing to submit to the lie that I have to “do” so God will love me and I’ll feel better about myself. Those are horrible reasons to do anything. God fully loves and fully accepts us. SO we can do. See why that’s fun? It’s not about a standard anymore. It’s about living.

So I’m going to write about this “doing” — being a wife, mom, cook, weight-lifter, money-saver, and anything else that pops up — by the grace of God.

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These changes will manifest themselves shortly. In the meantime, keep following my 31 days of finding my identity in Christ series. I’m loving what the Lord is showing me through his Word and would be very interested to hear what he is teaching you!