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A lot of times, where people have suffered most is where they can be the expert. I’m semi-ashamed to say I could probably be considered an expert in apathy. In reading The Talent Code (highly recommended), I was a little distraught to realize that there were many things I had tried as a kid but lacked the motivation and self-discipline to follow through on. Examples: Guitar, Trumpet, Piano, Track, Basketball, Softball, Crocheting (I try that one again every winter)…….the only thing I stuck with was soccer and even that — I could’ve been a lot better than I was if I had put in the hours.

But I’m convinced it’s not to late to develop a habit of doing. I’m new to being a stay-at-home mom and I now have the opportunity to be a great one. I don’t really have the option of giving up on this little girl or her dad when it gets difficult. So here I am, trying to spend every day doing hours of deep practice — the kind that forms new habits in thought and action. Since I’m so prone to complacency, I’ve tried many things to get my butt going during the day. Making some sort of written plan always seems to help the most but ultimately it’s about making the choice to ignore all the excuses that come to mind to get out of the work I have in front of me. I am the queen of excuses. But to make habits we have to break old ones so I’m getting used to ignoring excuses — it’s amazing how much more fun I consider my “job” when I’m not constantly seeking to be comfortable.

There are still many days when I choose comfort first or I get everything on my list done only to realize my heart was not joyful or peaceful during any of it. I’m thankful that with each day (hour, minute) there is an abundance of grace. I can deep practice all I want but if God’s not in it, there is no life in it. I can tell the difference between the days I’ve relied on him and the days I’ve relied on me. The me days don’t go so well (chocolate chips for lunch?). Sometimes the him days are disastrous on the outside (Freyda doesn’t nap, I can’t keep my eyes open, I forgot 3 of the 5 things I had intended to do) but there is still peace. I want those days to come more often. So I have to try to cultivate that in my heart — starting with recognizing my desperate need for Jesus to get out of bed and get moving. The Promise that I have help really is a pretty great motivator.

So every day I’m trying to make good habits.

Today I am preparing to travel with my parents to Maryland for a week to visit my sister and her family (woohoo!!). There’s a lot of prep. Most of the days I’ll be gone are work days for Eric so I am trying to have meals all taken care of because my man works hard. And being apart is difficult enough. I really like leaving him with as little extra stuff to do as possible (without resorting to PB&J for every meal). I want my family to eat well and retain the habits we have formed. So today I’m cooking! And I thought I’d show you how I do my version of freezer cooking because it’s awesome and it helps save some money and brain space since I spend less time thinking about meals when I know it’s already at least semi-prepared.

I’m all about convenience — especially now that time is not my own. So I utilize crock pots a lot. And I try to cook meat en masse and divvy it up between meals as needed.

Since I spent the entire day doing this, I made myself a diy decaf latte (center) to help make it fun. Smelling all the good food that Eric will eat while I am gone was a bit tortuous so I also enjoyed taste testing! The bottom photo are his salads for the rest of this week and part of next week (what I had tupperware for). Since he takes one with everyday and putting them together can be a bit of a hassle, now he gets to just grab and go! Meals pictured are: Salisbury steak (top left), Mongolian Beef (top center), and a new chili recipe (middle left). I also made some shredded chicken (half of which went into a bag with peppers and onions for fajitas) and browned some hamburger for him to do what he wants with. Lastly, I made bread rolls using my bread machine — Eric loves them.

None of these went into the freezer but other times I will purposely make a bigger batch (especially of soups) and freeze half of it. It’s nice to have something to pull out on days I don’t want to cook. Which is usually Sunday. wah-wah.

Like my new header? Thanks to a very awesome friend with photoshop skills (I’m trying to learn some graphic design but am fully willing to admit, I’m lacking at the moment). I’m a fan of generous friends.

Frey’s awake. Time to finish packing and hang out with my favorite little girl! (Who is almost 2 months!)