Hi! I’m Alisa Nelson; welcome to my blog.

I married my husband after a short 6 months of dating/engagement and the establishment of our family culture ensued. We all have some aspect of our personality that we attribute to where we came from — whether it be good or bad. When we considered what these things were for us, we realized that we have the chance to decide what will be commonplace for our family. We can build our own legacy for our future generations.

We want everything we do to come from a heart that is filled with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. It’s not easy — it takes a lot of discipline and willingness to evaluate every crevice of who we are and what we do. Mistakes are made, ideas are proposed and thrown away when they don’t work, grace must abound and forgiveness come quickly.

After a year of marriage, I began envisioning a place where I would record this process and what God teaches us through it as a family. So I’m re-creating this blog. We’re the Nelsons — different from the two families we come from and building a culture of our own.

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